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Redeeming Freedom Ranch is located just south of St. Louis, Missouri. Redeeming Freedom Ranch is a training facility specializing in problem horses. We use least resistance training methods and believe groundwork is required for a solid foundation. We believe in giving horses a chance when no one else wants to and are comfortable working with problem horses of every level. We are happy to start a horse, help solve problems or just give the horse a tune up. While training and re-homing of wild mustangs is our specialty, we proudly offer clinics, lessons and training for any breed and any level horse and rider. Contact us today to come meet our herd and learn more about our programs!

Project Mustang

Wanna Ride? Go Wild

Project Mustang centers around education and awareness regarding America's Wild Mustangs. We go to expos, events, camps, schools and fairs to showcase the versatility of the Mustang and educate people about these wonderful horses!

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