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Redeeming Freedom Ranch proudly offers One, Two and Three day clinics in a variety of disciplines, for a variety of people. All clinics are open to every level of horse or rider (unless specified otherwise) and designed to strengthen your relationship with your horse. Check out a few of our clinic descriptions below:

Clinics for Every Discipline

Introduction to Liberty - Liberty is when we work with our horses with nothing on them (no halter, no lead, no bridle, no saddle etc). In our introduction to liberty clinic, we begin understanding how to build a reputable relationship with your horse. Starting in the round pen, we discuss establishing leadership, staying consistent, perfecting timing, and driving versus drawing. We will also discuss the proper use of whips as an aid on the ground and work on whip technique. 

Introduction to Horsemanship - In our introduction to horsemanship clinic we begin breaking down what it takes to establish a solid foundation, beginning with ground. We will discuss setting and enforcing boundaries, establishing respect, learning leadership, staying consistent and perfecting timing. We will also briefly look at how a horse thinks. Depending on time, we will also ride and work on our groundwork exercises under saddle to better condition your horse or solve problems.

Equine Psychology 101 - In our equine psychology clinic we begin breaking down the "why" of your horses behavior. We will discuss how horses learn, modifying behavior, dominant versus reactive and introvert versus extrovert. Through simple groundwork exercises, obstacles and riding (if time permits) we will break down how your horse thinks. Using what we find, we will review different techniques and methods to use to make you and your horse more successful.